Shake up your life with one of the most passionate advocate for girls and women’s wellness and empowerment!

The fun and vibrant renowned Brazilian Psychotherapist and International Author, Cris Linnares, has been inspiring women all over to live free, fit and fearless!  


This proud mom and stepmom, who has been working with women’s issues for nearly 20 years, is the Founder of the nonprofit Women’s Impact Community and Creator of the acclaimed Diva Dance® Wellness Program.

TedxMuslimGirlHer life journey took a drastic turn when she faced depression and weight battles after she made the fearless step to leave her successful career in the tropics of Brazil all to marry her “ American Prince Charming.” She had to start from scratch in one of the coldest climates in the U.S.A. – Fargo, ND. (Loca? You betcha!)

After reinventing herself and discovering natural ways to overcome these difficult challenges, Cris has been on a mission – through her empowering nonprofit-based community, blog, speaking, books and DVDs – to share fearless resources for women to empower their lives so together we can make an impact in the world.  

Are you ready for YOUR fearless journey?


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